How tailwind can promote your blog


Good old Google and Wikipedia states that…
“A tailwind is a wind that blows in the direction of travel of an object, while a headwind blows against the direction of travel. A tailwind increases the object’s speed and reduces the time required to reach its destination, while a headwind has the opposite effect.”
Over 100,000 brands worldwide trust Tailwind to help them run smarter visual marketing campaigns. By integrating content sourcing and creation with publishing, community engagement, monitoring and analytics, Tailwind unlocks unique insights that power exceptional results. As you work (or eat or sleep), Tailwind recommends ways to improve performance based on your target audience, past results and industry trends.  -Wonderful words from the mouth of Tailwind!

Tailwind links with Pinterest & Instagram!

Learn about super boosting traffic through Tailwind tribes.  See our popular post HERE

Tailwind will automatically post for you. This is great as you will have a constant presence on Pinterest – I currently have my schedule calendar set up to recommended time slots based on my followers activity, and the times of day I am getting the most repins. After a few days, when you log in to your Tailwind schedule calendar, you will see light green time slots that Tailwind is suggesting you add. I always add those. Just click them, and they automatically get added to your calendar schedule.

Even though I may not be on Pinterest all day, Tailwind allows me to be sharing multiple times a day. This way, followers can log on at any time and will have a very good chance of seeing something I pinned somewhere in their feed.

Pins are spread out so you are not spammy McSpam spamming! This way I spend half an hour or so a week scheduling.  Set and forget! Anything about automating my business sits well with me!

Tailwind for growing my blog had been amazing! Seriously babes! Traffic helps us grow & Tailwind gives us Traffic!
Sign Up for Tailwind
Now that you know what the heck Tailwind is, it’s time to sign up for Tailwind! Tailwind offers 2 different membership options. Monthly and Annually.
I signed up for the annual membership, and it is the best $10 a month I have ever spent!
Set Up Tailwind Schedule Calendar
Now that you’re signed up for Tailwind, the first thing you want to do is set up your Schedule Calendar.  Set and forget babes!
If you are like me and use affiliate marketing to earn on Pinterest then Tailwind is a game changer! (Picture earning while you sleep).
Cheers babes

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